The Top 12 Ways to Tell a Fake Rolex from a Real One

Rolexes, like any other luxury item, are a hot commodity. That means lots of scammers and thieves are going to be very interested in creating and/or selling fake ones at the price of a genuine article. Scams of this type are very common, especially through the Internet, where sales can be made without ever seeing […]

20 Best Things to Sell for Quick Money Right Now

Sometimes, you need money and you need it now. If you’re looking for extra cash, paid online surveys and other side hustles are excellent alternatives to taking on another job. Unfortunately, these options don’t pay off immediately. Whether you’re in-between jobs, struggling to come up with a deposit, or looking for holiday money, the problem […]

How Much is My Diamond Worth?

Have some diamond jewelry or some loose diamonds laying around? If so, you’re probably wondering “how much is my diamond worth?” Selling diamonds and old jewelry is a fast and easy way to make a few extra bucks — especially if the jewelry doesn’t hold any particular sentimental value. Unlike gold jewelry, a diamond’s value […]

7 Essential Tips for Selling Gold

Do you have gold in a forgotten jewelry box that is really just taking up space? You’ve probably seen the offers to buy gold from various dealers and gold shops and maybe even thought about selling your gold to make some quick cash. Do you wonder what the best tips for selling gold are? To […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Diamond Appraisals

Diamonds have long been the most sought-after gemstones on the market, which makes them a valuable commodity. However, not all diamonds are created equal. For this reason, jewelry professionals offer appraisals to separate high- and low-quality pieces. If you’ve never utilized this style of service before, you are probably curious about what it entails as […]

How Are Diamonds Priced? The Complete Guide to Calculate Your Diamond’s Worth

Juicers, board games, golf clubs, and exercise equipment—we all own stuff that collects dust. The same goes for fine jewelry. How many of us own diamond earrings, bracelets, and rings we never wear anymore? Say Aye! But here’s the difference. Those gems may literally be gems; long-buried treasures. Whether you have a single piece or […]

How Diamond Shapes Affect Their Value

It’s no secret diamonds are valuable, but estimating their worth can be tricky. While most people know the value of a diamond is determined by the four C’s, carat, clarity, color, and cut, few know that other factors can influence the price of a diamond. One of these factors is the stone’s shape, which can […]

Lucrative Ways to Sell Your Jewelry For Cash

Explore the best ways to sell used jewelry for the most money. They say diamonds are forever. That is, of course, until they’re not. Whether it’s grandma’s diamond ring or your great uncle’s Rolex, sometimes jewelry runs its course. There may come a time when selling your jewelry for cash makes more sense than letting […]

7 Must-Knows Before Selling Your Rolex Watch

When you think of luxury watches, Rolex is likely one of the first brands to come to mind. With a long reputation for being the best in the industry, Rolex watches are known for being a smart investment as they retain their value over the years. If you’re looking where to sell your Rolex watch, […]