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In today’s market, if you’re looking to sell diamonds, you need a diamond buyer you can trust. At TRUVAL of New York City, we’ve earned a record of success with countless online reviews. We examine your diamond jewelry in detail, itemizing what each diamond and its underlying setting is worth in the Global Diamond Market and make you an offer you can't refuse.

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Why Sell Diamond Jewelry with Us

For the best place to Sell a Diamond at the highest possible price, trust in TRUVAL. Our diamond experts will take the time to make a proper appraisal of your diamond jewelry by assessing its current diamond details as well as the opportunity for recutting in order to improve the color, clarity and diamond shape thereby increasing your diamonds desirability and therefore its value! Additionally, we evaluate designer markings and gold content that further adds value to your diamond jewelry. Then, we evaluate the secondary diamond markets on a Global level to determine what your diamonds are truly worth.
Unlike other diamond buyers that simply weigh and pay at a heavy discount, our process unlocks your Jewelry’s true potential and maximizes your payout.
That’s what makes selling diamond jewelry a truly unique and profitable endeavor with TRUVAL. Appointments available to sell diamonds in NYC or you can sell diamonds online with FedEx.

Accepted Items

While most buyers are only interested in your high-worth Jewelry and watches, TRUVAL offers a more complete option for selling diamond jewelry. Our jewelry experts are ready to purchase everything from Diamond Engagement Rings to Diamond Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, chains and diamond wedding bands.

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  • Assorted Silver Peace Dollar Coins - 90% Silver

    Assorted Silver Peace Dollar Coins - 90% Silver

  • Silver Peace Dollar Coin, 1935

    Silver Peace Dollar Coin, 1935

  • 1995 Proof Gold Eagle Coins with COA

    1995 Proof Gold Eagle Coins with COA

  • 2014 1 Ounce Platinum Liberty Coin

    2014 1 Ounce Platinum Liberty Coin

  • 1oz Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

    1oz Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

  • 1 ounce Gold Bar by Pamp Suisse

    1 ounce Gold Bar by Pamp Suisse

  • 1852 $20 Gold Liberty NGC Certified Coin

    1852 $20 Gold Liberty NGC Certified Coin

  • An old US Morgan Silver Dollar - 90% Silver

    An old US Morgan Silver Dollar - 90% Silver

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We're The Diamond Experts You Can Trust

Our seasoned diamond buyers have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and countless of 5 star reviews on YELP and GOOGLE. Thats because we take pride in making our customers happy by showing them the experience they deserve when selling diamond jewelry. That is why we built our operation contrary to the way people imagine our establishment to be. You can sell diamonds with confidence online or at our NYC location which provides a professional staff, private appraisals and is staffed with Certified G.I.A Graduate Diamond Gemologists. Our impressive staff of Diamond Buyers includes GIA Alumni, 2nd generation jewelers, and over 150 years of experience buying and selling diamonds. You can rest assured that your diamond jewelry is going to be evaluated by a true professional, which ensures a fair payout!

Sell Diamonds from Anywhere

Yes, you can sell your diamond at a local jewelry store, and they are happy to buy it at a hefty discount and place it in their showcase for re-sale. In contrast, our clients have access to sell diamonds in NYC or online with our professional diamond experts that provide a real-world understanding of diamond prices with the resources to buy any diamond at the highest prices the market can bear. Accept our offer and get paid on the spot or within 24 hours if selling via mail. If you choose not to sell, you can trust us to return your diamond with no cost or obligation.

No matter how you sell, it's an easy 4 step process

first step in selling to TruVal

Describe your Items

Start by filling out the Get A Quote form or call in to discuss your items potential value.

second step in selling to TruVal

Your selling options

To sell your items, schedule an in-store appointment or access our free and insured FedEx mail-in service.

third step in selling to TruVal

Get your offer

Our leading experts will evaluate brand, design, and precious metal content to make you the best offer.

fourth step in selling to TruVal

Get paid

In-person sellers receive cash within minutes. Mail-in sellers receive immediate payment via check or wire

  • Maria C's photo

    I found this place on Yelp. I had made a 4 o'clock appointment to meet with Steve. I was 45 min early. Steve took time off to meet with me early. He gave me great details and values on the rings also informed me what size ring would sell the most. Which I really wasn't aware. It's always good to know. I would give recommend this place.

    __ Maria C, New York City - NYC
    Read it on Yelp
  • I traveled five hours to New York's Diamond District specifically to sell my diamond cocktail ring. I went to several places but I felt very comfortable and got the best price at Truval with Zak and Shlomi. None of the others took the time to listen to my concerns and were quick to offer their prices. I'm very impressed with the level of service that Truval provides and I would recommend them for any diamond buying or selling needs.

    __ Denise Bachman, New York City - NYC
    All Google Reviews
  • My Brother and I were looking to sell some family diamond jewelry. We met with Shlomi, who was very patient and most informative. He taught us about all of the "C's" that are so vital in the Diamond world and helped us gain some great insight.
    He explained about the difference of our diamonds as is, versus when they are perfected to be most sellable and valuable to others.
    After carefully examining and analyzing the stones, one at a time, he gave us an estimate range of what the pieces may be worth. There's no doubt that their prices are very fair: Afterward, we went to 2 other diamond buyer offices for comparison, and the other buyers offered 20-30% less than Truval had offered.
    Shlomi's vast knowledge and passion for the business is apparent.
    Overall, the service we received, the transparency in pricing and the education they offered were all extraordinary and rare if not impossible to find. You should definitely make a visit to Truval! True Value!

    __ Judy S , New York City - NYC
    YELP Reviews
  • I'm very impressed with the level of service that Truval provides to their customers. Everything from making an appointment to receiving payment was extremely pleasant and seamless.

    I met with Steve at their midtown location to sell an old engagement ring and a few other pieces of gold jewelry. He clearly explained the process to me before looking at my items, and then proceeded to thoroughly evaluate each piece (I can tell there's a big difference between the usual "cash for gold spots" and this place). Once everything was looked through, they made an offer that I accepted and I walked away satisfied.

    I've gotten a few offers for the engagement ring in the past, but Truval paid me above my expectations, which is amazing!

    __ Adam M , Diamond District - NYC
    YELP Reviews
  • Debrah M's photo

    I had the pleasure of selling with TRUVAL recently. I was impressed with the level of professionalism I received from Mr. Shlomi Shlomo. From beginning to end the level of communication was terrific and could not be more important given my concern of dealing with an internet based New York diamond buyer over 3000 miles away!

    I completed the entire jewelry selling process in less than 72 hours. The price I received was more than the several local jewelry stores offered. I accepted the offer, and they wired the money to me on the same day. They made the process of selling my diamond jewelry stress-free.

    __ Debrah M, from LA. - Sold via mail to New York's Diamond District
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  • Sheila Cohen's photo

    Let's begin with the fact the TRUVAL is not on street level of 47th but instead is on the upper floor of an office building with a waiting room, private buying offices and, actual appointments which made it feel like a professional establishment.

    The fellow that assisted me (Shlomi) was friendly and not pushy. He appraised my jewelry items, including items that I accidentally added to the items I intended to sell which I felt had no value. I am happy I did because Shlomi discovered that some of them were gold :)

    He explained the details of their appraisal process and how they come up with the value. He also appraised a few diamond jewelry pieces for me that I wanted to value but not sell. The staff at TRUVAL is transparent and informative. I am happy to recommend TRUVAL to anyone.

    __ Sheila Cohen, - Sold in New York's Diamond District
    All Yelp Reviews

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