Secure Shipping

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Gold Chain

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Safety + Security

The safety and security of client assets are paramount to Truval. Every step of our process was developed around ensuring the highest level of safe handling and secure storage possible.

While your items are in transit as well as once they are in our possession, they are covered by Truval’s insurance policy. For your protection, every package sent to Truval remains under constant video surveillance from the moment it arrives at our facility and is opened under high-definition video recording. Once items have been verified and evaluated, they are sealed up inside of serialized, tamper-proof bags and then safely locked away in our vaults.

Truval primarily utilizes FedEx or UPS as shipping carriers depending on the client’s location and access to either carrier. We email clients a pre-paid, insured shipping label to print off and use following detailed packing & shipping instructions which we also supply. Clients must use the provided shipping label and follow all instructions as outlined below to guarantee insurance coverage.

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Shipping instructions

  • Place of receipt
  • Port of loading
  • Port of discharge
  • Final destination
  • Container number
  • Seal number
  • Shipping mark
  • Cargo description
  • Quantity
  • Weight and measurement