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How to sell engagement ring with us

We know you're curious about the value of your engagement ring and so are we. You may call or complete our online quote form with any details you have from a Diamond certificate. If you are unsure of the diamonds details you can request an in-store appointment at our NYC location for a free appraisal. We also offer a secure mail-in service.

Reselling Engagement Rings for Maximum Value.

selling your engagement ring

We are happy to provide a free estimate, we know that selling an engagement ring can be difficult and we are here to provide maximum value. It starts with the details from a quality diamond certificate, however, that is only a part of our appraisal process.

Many diamonds have details that are visually unique, for example - “sparkle”. While some diamonds shine others offer little scintillation or fire which negatively affects the value. The "life" of a diamond can only be seen by a trained eye with years of experience to look beyond the obvious.

We Value the Potential;

You have many options when you sell your engagement ring, most diamond buyers have the same approach, they buy at a heavy discount to the wholesale market values as published by the Rapaport diamond report. TRUVAL is proud to go beyond the basics to make reselling engagement rings a truly profitable endeavour.

TRUVAL's in-house diamond team include expert diamond cutters. Why? So that we may assess the true potential of your diamond by evaluating the ability to re-cut and improve the Color, Cut, and Clarity. By creating a more desirable diamond wedding ring we increase its value. Read some of our case studies to learn more.

Types of diamond engagement rings we buy.

type of diamond we buy

We are happy to make an offer to buy any diamond, ranging in size from approximately 1 carat and up with a quality of SI or better. You can sell wedding ring, sell engagement ring sets and other diamond jewellery with confidence.

When selling a diamond engagement ring, the current popularity of the diamond shape significantly affects value. We happily accept all shapes including the most popular shape: the round brilliant, followed by the cushion, princess, oval, pear, Asscher, emerald and marquise cut diamonds. Remember, our Diamond experts will evaluate global market trends and the potential to recut your diamond to maximize its resale potential, when applicable - we offer you more.

How much is the setting worth?

We love beautiful settings and we are happy to appraise and buy it. For designer settings like Tiffany and Cartier there is special consideration. For others, we value the precious metal content, total diamonds and gemstones, then, we add for design, style, period, desirability and even ring size - not all rings can be sized. In short, we promise value, discretion and comfort.

replace diamond with cubic zirconia

Can I keep my setting?

We are happy to offer, for free, a replacement of your diamond with an identical Cubic Zirconia, freshly set and cleaned, no one will ever know you sold it.

Sell Jewelry - From Cartier to Tiffany

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  • cartier – home
  • tiffany – home
  • Boucheron Designer Jewelry
  • David Yurman – Designer Jewelry
  • Bvlgari – Designer Jewelry
  • Chopard – Designer Jewelry
  • Graff – Designer Jewelry
  • Harry Winston – Designer Jewelry
  • Piaget – Designer Jewelry
  • Van Cleef Arpels – Designer Jewelry
  • Oscar Heyman – Designer Jewelry

Diamond Certificates V’s Appraisals:

There is a lot of confusion between the two, and they are not at all similar.

Diamond Appraisal Report:

Usually, this is provided at the time of purchase. It's required for those seeking to get jewelry insurance. Appraisals offer a "retail replacement value" should the ring be lost. Appraisals always tend to be more generous regarding the diamond details compared to a true diamond certificate and should not be used to gauge the value when reselling engagement rings or wedding rings.

Diamond Certificates:

Not all diamond laboratories are created equal. The leader and most trusted worldwide is GIA. All diamond dealers trust in their diamond certificates. A recent test conducted to compare the same diamond sent to multiple diamond grading company's found a significant difference in consistency between the results. EGL certificates, for example, have been completely banned from Rappaport for inconsistent and misleading reports.

Recent Purchases

  • GIA certified Loose Diamond

    GIA certified Loose Diamond

  • gold and diamond Anniversary band

    gold and diamond Anniversary band

  • Diamond engagement ring with 2 ct emerald diamond

    Diamond engagement ring with 2 ct emerald diamond

  • diamond wedding band with over 5 carat diamonds t.w.

    diamond wedding band with over 5 carat diamonds t.w.

  • Fancy Vivid yellow diamond engagement ring

    Fancy Vivid yellow diamond engagement ring

  • Loose Diamond Emerald 3.33 carat D, IF

    Loose Diamond Emerald 3.33 carat D, IF

  • Loose Diamond 2.25ct round brilliant

    Loose Diamond 2.25ct round brilliant

  • 18kt wedding band with 1 ct in diamonds

    18kt wedding band with 1 ct in diamonds

  • 1.25 carat diamond engagement ring

    1.25 carat diamond engagement ring

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I get if I sell my engagement ring;

The majority of the value is in the largest diamond that makes up the engagement ring. Truval’s leading expert diamond gemologist will evaluate your diamond cut, color, clarity and size along with the current wholesale market value, supply, and demand in order to make you the best offer the market can bear.

Do you need to take the diamond out of the setting:

It depends, if the diamond is certified by GIA and is laser inscribed, then we do not need to remove it. In most cases however, it is the only way to properly check;

  • The carat weight of the diamond engagement ring
  • The clarity of the diamond - often a skilled diamond setter will hide a diamond's imperfections such as inclusions, feathers, crystals or cracks behind one of the prongs
  • The potential! - Unlike the average engagement ring buyer with limited resources to buy and sell. We have unlimited resources and trade diamonds on a global scale which means we can pay more.

No matter how you sell, it's an easy 4 step process

first step in selling to TruVal

Describe your Items

Start by filling out the Get A Quote form or call in to discuss your items potential value.

second step in selling to TruVal

Your selling options

To sell your items, schedule an in-store appointment or access our free and insured FedEx mail-in service.

third step in selling to TruVal

Get your offer

Our leading experts will evaluate brand, design, and precious metal content to make you the best offer.

fourth step in selling to TruVal

Get paid

In-person sellers receive cash within minutes. Mail-in sellers receive immediate payment via check or wire

I did a bunch of research online to find the right place to sell a diamond. I chose Truval and found the experience to be quite fun and enjoyable. Everyone I worked with was very nice.

Melodie P. Avatar
Melodie P.

When trying to find a buyer for my watch - I felt like I was being given the run around until I met Steve from Truval. He immediately made me feel secure and that I could trust him. He told... read more

Dina C. Avatar
Dina C.

My experience selling my diamond ring was nothing like I expected it to be, Steve was such a gentleman and professional in his assessment of my diamond. He quickly downloaded a copy of my GIA diamond grading report and preceded... read more

Lior D. Avatar
Lior D.

Great location, right in the heart of diamond district. I personally felt it was the best location, because it is in a safe building up and inside. When you are walking there the street is mobbed with shady... read more

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Richard S.

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