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Its easy to sell jewelry, unfortunately, it's also easy to get less than you deserve. Most jewelry buyers prefer to make a hefty profit by paying you the melt value for the gold while deducting the diamonds to a low wholesale price. They lack the interest or resources to provide an accurate assessment of your jewelry. That is why you need a transparent jewelry buyer like TRUVAL where an expert buyer will take the time to truly understand your jewelry and the potential for selling it the pre-owned markets such as auctions, collectors, and even on consignment when appropriate.

So if you are thinking "where can I sell my jewelry", you can count on TRUVAL to offer private one-on-one service by professional jewelry and diamond experts that are focused on putting more cash in your pocket.


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What We Purchase

TRUVAL offers a fast, discreet and trusted way to sell jewelry, from estate jewelry to vintage, antique and designer jewelry at top prices. Our buyers excel at identifying, appraising and purchasing jewelry including old and dated pieces as well as fine designer jewelry from famous luxury brands. TRUVAL offers over 150 years of combined experience buying and selling renowned brands worldwide. From the iconic Bulgari to Van Cleef & Arpels and everything in between. Make an inquiry today, and find out what your items are worth.

Sell Jewelry - From Cartier to Tiffany

Unique Appraisal Process

How can you sell Cartier jewelry and other fine brands you no longer wear for the best price? It’s surprisingly tough. As with all valuables, It all starts with an accurate appraisal by a trained and certified specialist who will provide a careful assessment of the diamonds, gemstones and precious metal your jewelry contains. Then, we turn to our many options on the sell side including auctions, private collectors and the international secondary markets to determine what your designer jewelry is truly worth in order to make you an intelligent and compelling offer. Unlike our competitors, there are no fees and as long as it's real - we buy every piece!

Recent Purchases

  • Kurt Wayne Diamond and Pearl Earrings

  • H.Stern Gold and Diamond Earrings

  • H.Stern Diamond Ring

  • H.Stern Diamond Hoop Earrings

  • Gurhan 24k Gold and Diamond Ring

  • Cartier Double C Ring and Earring Set

  • Bvlgari b.zero1 Pendant

  • Aaron Basha Gold Charm

  • Aaron Basha Bracelet

  • Piaget Rose gold ring adorned in 5 carats of diaomnds

  • DAVID WEBB Dual Tiger enamel Bracelet

  • faberge gold and diamond earrings

  • Graff emerald and diamond earrings

  • Graff ruby and diamond necklace

  • Harry winston ruby and diamond cluster necklace

  • Harry Winston cluster diamond earrings

  • Choppard sapphire and diamond earrings

  • Circa 1950's platinum and diamond ring

  • Choppard diamond and 18kt gold ring with 3.5ct in diamonds

  • Mikimoto earrings featuring south sea baroque pearls in diamonds and gold

  • Piaget white gold necklace - circa 1940's

  • Tiffany & Co 18kt Gold Ring

  • tiffany and co 18k yellow gold heart key pendant

  • return to tiffany gold jewelry bracelet

  • Tiffany platinum yellow gold necklace

  • Van cleef & arpels ALAHAMBRA bracelet

  • Tiffany and co 10ct tanzanite and diamond ring

  • Van Cleef and arpels sapphire and diamonds necklace set in platinum

  • van cleef AND ARPELS DIAMOND AND GOLD jewelry earrings

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  • I can't say enough positive things about my experience here. Both Shlomi and Steven were a pleasure to do business with. Not only did they repair my jewelry but they helped me in making some important decisions in selling jewelry for the best possible value. In addition, this is in a private office setting where you get to sit down and discuss your options without the pressure and harassment of normal jewelry stores in the area. Whether you need to buy, sell or repair these are the right guys to help you. I will most certainly be returning.

    __ Candice Ligator, New York City NYC

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  • I had gone to Truval after reading the reviews on Yelp. I must say the reviews have been on the mark. Doing business with Steve was a very pleasant experience. He is a reasonable business man. He is very focused on building a long-term relationship with his clients instead of thinking of making a very fast profit off them. He is very knowledgeable about his field I highly recommend this establishment to anyone looking to sell pre-owned jewelry and watches.

    __ Toby D,New York City NYC

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  • I had the pleasure of selling with TRUVAL recently. I was impressed with the level of professionalism I received from Mr. Shlomi Shlomo. From beginning to end the level of communication was terrific and could not be more important given my concern of dealing with an internet based New York diamond buyer over 3000 miles away!

    I completed the entire jewelry selling process in less than 72 hours. The price I received was more than the several local jewelry stores offered. I accepted the offer, and they wired the money to me on the same day. They made the process of selling my diamond jewelry stress-free.

    __ Debrah M, from LA. Sold via mail to New York's Diamond District

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  • Let's begin with the fact the TRUVAL is not on street level of 47th but instead is on the upper floor of an office building with a waiting room, private buying offices and, actual appointments which made it feel like a professional establishment.

    The fellow that assisted me (Shlomi) was friendly and not pushy. He appraised my jewelry items, including items that I accidentally added to the items I intended to sell which I felt had no value. I am happy I did because Shlomi discovered that some of them were gold :)

    He explained the details of their appraisal process and how they come up with the value. He also appraised a few diamond jewelry pieces for me that I wanted to value but not sell. The staff at TRUVAL is transparent and informative. I am happy to recommend TRUVAL to anyone.

    __ Sheila Cohen, Sold in New York's Diamond District

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