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Most jewelry buyers don’t typically staff gemologists, certified diamond buyers and coin experts. The person evaluating your jewelry might be a low-level clerk who will simply throw your piece on a scale and calculate a hefty discount.

Other so-called Auction Houses & online Marketplaces promise higher payouts by offering your items to a large collection of jewelry stores; the problem is such jewelry stores only purchase what they view as an excellent deal and then you get hit with a 15-20% selling fee – if it sells, ouch.

In contrast, we’ll use our relationship with hundreds of personal and professional buyers worldwide along with our deeper understanding of jewelry and diamond values on a global scale to make you an offer you can’t refuse. Best of all, there are no selling fees or disappointments.


Get Real World Value

TRUVAL's expertise and direct access to
the international markets means we can
offer you the most competitive prices.

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expert appraisals

Receive an expert jewelry appraisal with a
far more informed jewelry buyer than
most local jewelry stores can provide.


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We've earned a 5 star reputation
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Fast payments

Ged paid fast! In-person sellers Get
cash within minutes, two days if
selling via mail.

no fees

No fees

Unlike auctions there are no fees or let
when your item does not sell.

From start to finish, the dedicated employees of TRUVAL strive for the highest level of customer service in the industry. The traditional buyer behind the glass window doesn’t apply at our New York buying facility – or even online, where we work to serve sellers throughout the country via free & insured shipping.

different form other buyers?

By selling your jewelry to TRUVAL, sellers are assured to receive a free and expert jewelry appraisal with a far more informed jewelry buyer than most local jewelry stores or pawn shops can provide. Avoid the false promises inferior jewelry buyers make over the phone just to make you a lesser offer in person. Our experts are ready to assist you through the entire jewelry selling process and answer all your questions and concerns.

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    I had the pleasure of selling with TRUVAL recently. I was impressed with the level of professionalism I received from Mr. Shlomi Shlomo. From beginning to end the level of communication was terrific and could not be more important given my concern of dealing with an internet based New York diamond buyer over 3000 miles away!

    I completed the entire jewelry selling process in less than 72 hours. The price I received was more than the several local jewelry stores offered. I accepted the offer, and they wired the money to me on the same day. They made the process of selling my diamond jewelry stress-free.

    __ Debrah M, from LA. - Sold via mail to New York's Diamond District
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  • Sheila Cohen's photo

    Let's begin with the fact the TRUVAL is not on street level of 47th but instead is on the upper floor of an office building with a waiting room, private buying offices and, actual appointments which made it feel like a professional establishment.

    The fellow that assisted me (Shlomi) was friendly and not pushy. He appraised my jewelry items, including items that I accidentally added to the items I intended to sell which I felt had no value. I am happy I did because Shlomi discovered that some of them were gold :)

    He explained the details of their appraisal process and how they come up with the value. He also appraised a few diamond jewelry pieces for me that I wanted to value but not sell. The staff at TRUVAL is transparent and informative. I am happy to recommend TRUVAL to anyone.

    __ Sheila Cohen, - Sold in New York's Diamond District
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