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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine the value of my item?
Diamonds, Fine Jewelry, Luxury Watches, Gold, and Precious can vary in price over the years. In some cases, the value of your assets could have been appreciated over time. We determine the value on the day we receive the assets against the commodities market for gold and the wholesale market for Diamonds and Precious metals.
Contact us for a free appraisal and quote of your assets.
When will I receive my payment?

For in-person appointments:

We will access your assets in front of you explaining the attributes and wholesale value on the market. Upon acceptance of our offer, our payout is immediate in either Check, Cash, Wire transfer, or Zelle®. Before you leave our office the funds will be in your possession.

For Mail-in assets:

Upon receiving your assets, we will open them under our security cameras and evaluate the items sent. Once the evaluation is completed, we will email you an appraisal and written offer for the assets. Once the offer is accepted, we will immediately send a Wire Transfer or Zelle® payment which will be in your account the same day.

Do I Pay For Shipping?
No, you do not need to worry about the shipping costs.
How do I ship my assets?
Once you decide to send your assets to us for final review and offer, we will send a shipping label and detailed instructions for packing and sending the assets to us. The assets will be fully insured in transit to our office and are covered by our office insurance policy once received.
How do I get my assets back if refusing your offer?
If you decide not to accept our offer, we will ship the items back to you via overnight, fully insured shipping. The tracking number will be provided to you upon shipment. Please note we must ship the assets back to the address on your government-issued ID and the package will require an adult signature.
What if my package gets lost?
If you decide not to accept our offer, we will ship the items back to you via overnight, fully insured shipping. The tracking number will be provided to you upon shipment. Please note we must ship the assets back to the address on your government-issued ID and the package will require an adult signature.

Consignment FAQ

What is the commission structure for your consignment offer?
Selling Fees:

  • 10% on loose diamonds.
  • 20% on luxury watches
  • 30% on fine jewelry with a list price of $1,000 to $4,999
  • 25% on fine jewelry with a list price of $5,000 to $9,999
  • 20% on fine jewelry with a list price of $10,000 and up
  • There are no additional fees!
How do you price the item for consignment?
Your items go through the first round of authentication & pricing, that starts now by using any images and documents that you can share with us. Based on that, we will provide you with an initial quote range. Once we have your approval, we take possession of your items and do a second round of authentication & pricing – we then reach out to you for your approval to list your item at that price! If you decline, we send the items back to you.
How and When do I get paid when I list my items on consignment?
Unlike other buyers, once your item sells we issue an IMMEDIATE payment to you via PayPal, Zelle, or Wire. If needed, we can also mail you a check.
How do I get my items returned to me if I’m no longer interested in selling?
You would simply email or call us at Truval and request your items to be returned. We will mail your items back all expenses paid by us.
Why is my item priced at a lower value than what I paid?
Certain brands and styles preserve resale value and can require higher prices than others. The prices of your items will be determined based on brand resale value, market trends, item condition, and consumer demands.
What type of items do you accept for consignment?
We accept most major brand named jewelry, or non-branded with a retail price over $1,000. You can view a list of brands we buy at this link.

Shipping FAQ

What do I need to bring or ship with my valuables?
If you have any paperwork or certificates please bring the documents or ship the documents with your valuables
How do I know mailing my valuables will be safe?
Here at Truval we take many measures to insure your items are safe. It is important to us and you that you are working with trusted buyers. Packages are insured and shipped with FedEx for security. Additionally, we have discreet labeling and provide you a way to track your package through every step of the process.
How do I get my shipping label?
You have choices! A pre-addressed, prepaid and insured FedEx or USPS shipping label will be sent directly to your email within minutes. Or, choose the option to have a full kit with label and shipping supplies mailed to you. If you have a shipping carrier preference just let us know.
How will I know when you received my items?
From the moment your items leave your hands, they are tracked with notifications sent to you every step of the way. We will also send you a notification the moment your package has arrived at our processing facility.
What's included with the mail-in kit?
Everything you need and that includes;
• a prepaid shipping label
• Instructions to safely pack and ship your items
• A packing slip which you need send back with your items
• Tracking information for your records and convenience
• If you choose to have a full kit mailed, you will get everything above plus shipping supplies
What if I’m unsure if any item is precious?
It’s our job to figure that out so just send it to us! Our experts range from diamond gemologist, designer brand authentications and expert watch horologist, there is nothing we have not seen and we’ve helped many find a hidden treasure among a pile of not so precious jewelry.
Is my package insured?
All shipping labels are insured for the quote range that we will provide to you after assessing the images and documents you can provide.

Direct Offer FAQ

What if I decide not to accept your offer?
We totally understand that sometimes it simply does not make sense to sell. If you reject our offer, we will return your items to you, no questions asked – it’s that simple.
What does “same day payments” mean?
After we assess your items and you accept the offer, we issue payment to you via your choice of online payments including, PayPal or Direct Deposit or Chase Zell to your account. Unlike other buyers that will place a check in the mail and keep you waiting for days.
Do you also buy the gems, if not, can you return them?
We buy precious gemstones such as diamonds, sapphire, rubies and emeralds every day. Not all gems are worth selling and should you want any of them back we are happy to return them to you, free of charge.
Are there any fees or commission you take from the direct offer?
No, we do not take any fees or commission on the offers. Whatever the offer is, is what you will be paid.