Get the true value you deserve.

Get the true value you deserve.


TruVal is a diamond buyers, gold, luxury watches, and coins buyers. When you want to sell diamonds or other valuable for instant cash, we want you to get the true value you deserve. We’re so dedicated to doing it that we named our company for it. In fact, we want you to get paid the highest price we know the market can bear. It’s a tradition of professional and trusted customer service we’ve built up over the decades, and we’re extremely proud of it.

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Why truval

Direct sales

You can sell diamonds, gold jewelry or other valuables directly to us. If you make an appointment at our store, you can walk in with your item or items and walk out with instant cash. When you ship it to us, we’ll pay you promptly by check or wire.

Consignment services

You can place the diamond jewelry, designer jewelry, or watch, with us on a consignment basis. The advantage of doing so is that it allows us to market it to our global network of jewelry buyers to sell it for even more money. Service charges apply to cover our marketing expenses, which we keep as low as we possibly can. We’ll be happy to discuss them with you.

Your assurances that we want to pay you true value

Hundreds of consistent 5-star customer reviews rating on Google, Yelp and TrustPilot is simply a superior rating in the industry. We’ve also earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Trusted appraisals by certified gemologists

Work with our friendly customer-centric gemologists who will do all they can to maximize the value of your diamond, so we can offer you the maximum amount for it. Since the style in which diamonds are cut has changed over time, many other merchants may tell you that your diamond is worth much less because it’s an “old-fashioned cut.”
Our professional diamond buyers and gemologists have a variety of ways to increase its value, such as recutting it to improve its color, clarity, symmetry and polish. Then we can recertify it at a higher value – and pass along the increase to you. That's one of the reasons we are knows as the best place to sell diamonds.

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Diamond Buyers | New York, NY | Diamonds, Gold, Watches, Coins, and More

Selling options – cash or consignment

For your convenience, we offer a variety of ways to sell it either way.

Diamond Buyers | New York, NY | Jewelry Buyers

Sell Diamonds and Jewelry in New York and nationwide

We’re not just local merchants, buying and selling in New York City. We buy from sellers all across America.

TruVal often offer you more because we can resell your diamond and jewelry to a far larger market, made up of our established international relationships with a vast network of diamond buyers and jewelry buyers.

We have worldwide relationships with major buyers

TruVal can wait to get the highest value

Unlike a small merchant, who may feel pressured to sell quickly in order to get the cash flow to buy more jewelry, we’re in no rush to sell. We have the financial resources to wait until we know we’ve received the true value we know we should get when reselling your jewelry. So we can offer you the maximum amount for it.

You can sell your diamonds and jewelry as soon as we evaluate it. If we do it with you in person, you can walk out with immediate cash. If we do it virtually or by mail, we can pay you by mailing you a prompt check or by wire.

When we work with you on consignment, we pay you as soon as we sell your jewelry.

We give you a choice – direct sales for immediate cash or full-service consignment

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