20 Best Things to Sell for Quick Money Right Now

by | Feb 28, 2023 | Blog | 22 comments

Sometimes, you need money and you need it now.

If you’re looking for extra cash, paid online surveys and other side hustles are excellent alternatives to taking on another job.

Unfortunately, these options don’t pay off immediately.

Whether you’re in-between jobs, struggling to come up with a deposit, or looking for holiday money, the problem is the same: you can’t pull money out of thin air.

Or can you?

Take a look around. Is there anything you’re willing to part with? Chances are, someone out there is willing to buy all that stuff you never use.

These 20 best things to sell for quick money can help produce extra cash in an emergency, but they aren’t sustainable solutions. Use these tips and tricks to help get you through the most difficult times, and try to find a side hustle to fill gaps in the future.

Stuff to Sell for Quick Cash: Tips and Tricks

Stuff to Sell for Quick Cash

You could have many things to sell for quick money in your possession right now, but without the right tips you might not find a buyer or you could miss out on extra money.

You want to get the most money possible and you want to stay safe.

These tips and tricks can help.

Places to sell:

  • Pawn shops
  • Clothing or furniture consignment stores
  • Social media trade groups
  • Independent bookstores and record shops
  • Antique or collectible stores
  • Specialty trade shows or auctions

Tips for making the most money while staying safe:

  • Delete information: Remove all old data and apps from phones and then perform a hard reset.
  • Clean it up: No one wants dirty sports equipment or baby gear. Spend some time cleaning and making minor repairs on anything you plan to sell.
  • Try different trade groups: If you’re willing to drive, try posting your items in different trade groups or downtown area locations.
  • Know what you can’t sell: You can’t sell prepared food or weapons on social media. It’s important to understand your local regulations so you don’t get into trouble.
  • Find the right place: If you have high-value items, reach out to both specialty dealers and trade groups. Look for local trade shows.
  • Check out thrift stores: Don’t have anything to sell? Look for high-value items like workwear, fur coats, appliances, or designer jeans at local thrift shops.
  • Know when to cut your losses: Chances are you won’t get exactly the price you want. Would you rather have $10 or nothing at all?
  • Be aware: Never meet buyers at your home or workplace — stick to public locations. Always bring a friend with you when meeting a stranger and don’t give away more personal information than you absolutely have to.

The 20 Best Things to Sell for Quick Money Right Now

The 20 Best Things to Sell for Quick Money Right Now

1. Jewelry and watches

When you’re strapped for cash and need stuff to sell for quick cash right now, gold jewelry is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Unfortunately, pawn shops and cash-for-gold outlets usually determine the price by weight since they send the gold back to smelters. If you have a lot of jewelry you don’t wear very often, then this is a good option for quick cash.

2. Video game consoles

If you can bear to part with it, try selling your Nintendo Wii, Xbox, or Playstation in a local trade group. You’ll probably get more money by selling it directly rather than taking it to a pawn shop or consignment center. Kids looking to spend their hard-earned allowance will jump at the chance for your slightly-used system.

3. Old phones and accessories

Most parents don’t feel comfortable buying their kids a pricey new iPhone so it might not be too hard to find a buyer. Plus, chargers are expensive and they break frequently. If you can’t find a buyer, try taking your old phones and chargers to an authorized retailer or pawn shop.

4. Purses, wallets, and backpacks

Lots of people collect purses and backpacks. You may not get a whole lot of money for them, but an extra $10 or $15 bucks is better than nothing. If you have a designer purse or name-brand backpack, this could increase to $50 or even $100 depending on the condition or value.

5. Yard equipment

You could have a gold mine inside your garage or shed right now. Groundskeepers and handy-people are always looking for extra mowers, snow shovels, trimmers, or shears. Stay seasonal. No one wants a lawnmower when it’s snowing. Find items that are relevant to the weather.

6. Jeans, workwear, and designer clothing

You’ll probably have a hard time selling a random pile of old clothes. Instead, select your best pieces like jeans, scrubs, workwear, formal wear, or other high-quality clothing.

7. Furniture

Desks, bookshelves, tables, couches patio tables — you name it. Even if it isn’t in the best condition, someone out there is probably looking for pieces to refinish and sell themselves. Look for local shops to take furniture off your hands.

8. Baby gear

Babies are expensive because they require so. much. stuff. People are always looking for cheap baby supplies. Clean up your old high chair, bottles, car seats, cribs, and other gear. Do you have any formula, diapers, or clothes your little ones have outgrown?

9. Musical instruments

Be honest: you’re probably never going to pick up that guitar in your basement for more than five minutes over the next decade. It’s time to let it go. Do you have any extra equipment like microphones, amplifiers, distortion pedals, or recording items?

[insert car parts photo Flickr: rainy city]

10. Car parts

Mechanics and handy-people like to stock-up on extra car parts. Do you have anything sitting around your garage or yard like wheels, tires, mirrors, bumpers, or engine parts?

11. Video games, DVDs, books, and records

You may not get much for each disc individually, but selling video games, DVDs, books, and vinyl records in bulk can get you an extra $20 or $50 bucks. Bonus cash for any rare vinyl or books.

12. Kitchen appliances and gadgets

Kitchen appliances and doodads make great stuff to sell for quick cash. Plus, you can free up space in your kitchen by getting rid of that coffee maker, waffle iron, or lunchbox you never use.

13. Exercise gear and sports equipment

Free weights are excellent things to sell to make quick cash because they are expensive when bought new and using them doesn’t really deteriorate their value. If you don’t have any big-ticket items you could still sell old baseball mitts, soccer gear, helmets, gloves, and other equipment. Can’t find a buyer? Try reaching out to local parks and recreation groups or other organizations.

14. Holiday decorations

Get a head start on this one: look for items to sell about one month before the upcoming holiday. No one wants to buy Easter decorations in October.

15. Kid toys

Big items like playscapes or swingsets are the best things to sell for quick money, but you can also sell Legos, dolls, and other name brand action figures. Make sure everything is clean, has all its pieces, and isn’t broken.

16. Bikes

Lots of people are ditching their cars for bikes or bus rides. If your bike has been sitting in your garage for years, test it out first. Make sure the chain, gears, and tires are all in working order.

17. Tools and home maintenance items

Tools are great stuff to sell for quick cash because they’re always worth a good amount of money — even used. Do you have any items you’ve bought for home projects and only used once like sanders, drill bits, paint, or specialty tools?

18. Home decor

What’s lying around the basement or attic? Lots of people who sell homes or rent apartments are looking for home decor items such as blinds, lamps, curtains, coat racks, rugs, and bookends.

19. Random electronics

Do you have anything in working condition you can stand to part with? Think outside the box: speakers, computer monitors, routers, cables, cameras, and other gadgets all make great stuff to sell for quick cash.

20. Antiques and collectibles

If you’re desperate for some money, now might finally be the time to part with your high-value antiques or collectibles. Do you have any coins, sterling silverware, glassware, knives, or other things to sell to make quick cash?

How to Find the Best Things to Sell for Quick Money

How to Find the Best Things to Sell for Quick Money

When you’re broke, it’s hard not to default into panic mode. You could end up selling some things you wish you hadn’t. Try to avoid seller’s remorse as much as possible.
Instead of immediately selling that gold necklace your grandma gave you or your coin collection, look around the house for things you’re willing to part with or ask friends and family if they have anything you could sell.

The best things to sell to make quick cash are the ones sitting around your house taking up space.

Get creative and you just might be able to make some good money in a pinch.