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Kamlesh saini
2 days ago

Just sold my grandmother's diamond ring with them. They made the process smooth and respectful, really understanding the sentimental value attached.

Sandra Rigby
a month ago

Look no further!! Believe all the 5 star reviews, this is the best place to go in the District! The whole process was relaxed and easy. Shlomi is so nice, friendly, honest and gives extremely generous prices. He also goes above and beyond, truly exceptional customer service.

Gregg C
a month ago

Shlomi took care of me and gave me a great offer in minutes. Highly recommend

Cindy J
2 months ago

I would give Shlomi 6 stars if I can! He is more than fair, very professional but also very personable, I am glad I trusted the previous reviews and came here. If you have jewelry to sell, don't mess around, save yourself some time and headache, just go straight to TruVal and Shlomi will take care of everything.

mike tracy
2 months ago

Honest, ethical, and technically proficient! Mr. Shlomo is fair, spends the necessary time with the client and is extremely customer-centric. A 5-Star experience all the way around!

adam grotell
2 months ago

I sold a diamond to shlomi. It was a very enjoyable experience he was very transparent and honest. Provided me great insight into the industry and helped me with future purchases .

Cally Moraitis
3 months ago

Shlomi, Isaac and Rachel are very professional and were detailed in the assessment of our items. They were patient and personable. This is the place to go if you have valuables to sell. We will be back!

Cumin Threw
3 months ago

This is a honest review from my experience with Truval. I had the pleasure of meeting Shlomi. He was honest, fair and as transparent as a buyer could be while trying to secure a sale. He was patient and let me decide how I wanted to move forward with my options. I eventually decided to sale after checking the market. The sale went smoothly and I walked out Truval with cash and a feeling of relief that I didn't take a low ball offer. Shlomi was a class act, and I would not only recommend him, but I would use him again for jewelry services. His assistant Rachel was also pleasant to work with.

Kristina Escobar
3 months ago

I met with Shlomi and he was amazing! I found him to be very professional and honest. He was very knowledgeable and gave me he provided his honest opinion. I would recommend him to anyone!

3 months ago

Great price, Shlomi is very friendly !

Christina S
3 months ago

Shlomi & Isaac are wonderful and professional! They are true to their word and are quick and efficient. They have quality pieces and work with you to find exactly what you are looking for. Highly recommend!!! Will be back!

4 months ago

Shlomi is professional, informative, careful, reliable and patient. I brought him multiple batches of gold, silver and diamonds over the past three months after I sorted through some of the items I had inherited from late relatives over the past 40 years. Shlomi helped me figure out what to sell and what to keep. He also surprised me by offering to make a bracelet and ring from some of my late grandmother's charms. His idea was creative and the result was beautiful. He also converted a couple of thick, gold necklaces to bracelets for my daughters. I highly recommend Shlomi and am very happy doing business with him.

Danny Burgos
4 months ago

Great customer service!!! Shlomi was very knowledgeable on his diamonds, Gave me an honest opinion. Would recommend to anyone who is interested in diamonds and or jewelry.

Robin I.
7 months ago

Truval is an excellent place to go if you want to sell diamonds! I had a diamond earring & a diamond ring that I wanted to have appraised & possibly sell. Shlomi was very honest & a pleasure to work with! He told me that I definitely shouldn’t sell the ring because of the high quality of the diamonds & sentimental value, which I appreciated. I did end up selling the diamond from the earring & felt that he was extremely fair in his pricing. His assistant (think her name was Veronica) was also very nice.

Jennifer M
8 months ago

Had an excellent experience here. The whole team at Truval was a pleasure and Shlomi was kind and patient as he shared his expertise and carefully examined jewelry to be sold. He was great at explaining the process as we went along. This is a long-standing professional and ethical business and I’d be happy to work with them again. Highly recommend.

Lynne Moser
8 months ago

I was very happy with my experience today at TruVal. I did some homework so I knew it was a good time to sell jewelry left to me by my mother and grandmother. The process was easy; Schlomi and his apprentice, Ilan, offered us an education while they dutifully and meticulously appraised each piece. It's hard to find people you can trust in this city. They took their time, valued the sentimentality of each piece, and proved to be worth our time, attention and business. It is a relief to find someone in NYC to turn to for questions related to gold, silver, diamonds and also true family values. He encouraged us to keep the pieces that could be meaningful to us or our family members. Mensches. Highly recommend. Thank you 🙂

Robert Weinstein
8 months ago

My experience with TRUVAL couldn’t have been better. Appraisal process went smoothly & I am totally satisfied.Shlomi gave me a strong feeling of trust. The deal was done with much confidence.

Lee Lord
8 months ago

I usually don't write reviews but thought I would for TruVal. I had a great experience in selling my coins, both gold and silver. Along with a good return they have a very friendly and helpful staff. I strongly recommend them!

Danielle Reid
8 months ago

This is the only place I will go to sell diamonds and silver. Every one there excels in customer service and makes you feel like a valued customer. If you are wanting to sell AND enjoy the experience visit Truval.

Carey Fox
8 months ago

TruVal offered an exceptional service within the jewelry industry, particularly in NYC. They were unusually warm, professional and completely transparent in their operation. My transaction was quite seamless and I left feeling secure and satisfied that I had been well attended to. I will not hesitate to return and recommend the group wholeheartedly.

Bob Maxwell
9 months ago

Terrific company to work with in the industry. They are Fair, Responsive, Transparent and Trustworthy. I highly recommend and refer whenever possible. Veronica was such a pleasure to work with. She goes well beyond the norm and was exceptional in terms of client care, expertise and follow up. Will look forward to working with Truval in the future...

Kim Glover
9 months ago

Shlomi was very professional while Veronica who I worked with initially was kind and direct. I shopped around and he gave me the best price for my merchandise. I recommend Truval for the expert service and pricing.

Gina Marie Febbraro
9 months ago

Veronica was a true “gem” in providing support and customer service through my jewelry selling process. We made the transaction remotely because I live in an area without many options for selling but the sale felt fair, and Veronica made it easy and secure.

Stavroula Christakos
9 months ago

Shlomi is genuinely authentic with his knowledge, craftsmanship and presence. When you speak to him by phone, you can feel his smile and when you meet him in person you feel that warm smile in doing business with him. He is honest and very fair in his business dealings. Veronica, his assistant, offers you warm hospitality and is happy to answer any questions you may have. Worth going to meet them for you next sale or purchase!

Cate Mahoney
10 months ago

I had a wonderful experience with Shlomi. He was a consummate professional and never spoke down to me. He was very kind and straightforward answering all my questions and trying to get me the best price for the rings I brought in. He also resized a family heirloom quickly and for a discounted price. I will definitely return in the future!

Matthew Jia
10 months ago

Super nice and informative.

Jasmine Liu
10 months ago

He was super informative and immediately very welcoming of us. Had a wonderful experience here and would definitely come back in the future!

Stephanie Rodriguez
11 months ago

Shlomi and his team at TruVal are exceptional! I had a diamond ring to sell and throughout the entire process they made me feel comfortable and at ease. Shlomi is so personable and treats his clients with astonishing customer service. If you are in the market to sell jewelry, this is the place to go. Don't only take my word for it, the reviews speak for themselves.

Kurt Spann
a year ago

Schlome was great. Experienced, efficient and friendly!

Shaye Yang
a year ago

Shlomi, he is a true expert in this business and you can also trust. He made my old diamond necklace like a new one with the new style. And he helped me with selling the old diamond ring and finding the beautiful new one. The price was very fair and clear. Thanks Shlomi !

Rohan Singh
a year ago

Had a great experience selling Gold with TruVal. Highly professional and gave the best value for my jewelry. Didn't low-ball, like most other places would do in diamond district. Would definitely recommend TruVal for anyone that wants to Buy/Sell Gold and Diamonds in NYC.

diogenes ortiz
a year ago

Had a pleasant experience with Saraj. He was friendly and understanding. Highly recommended. Plus I just happened to get free pizza. Timing was impeccable like the service. Thanks guys.

Sophie-Alyza Martin
a year ago

From the moment I walked through the door the vibes were immaculate. Sarah was so lovely when introducing me to Shlomi and discussing selling a piece of mine. It turned out the diamond I had, contained some imperfections which I was not aware of. However Shlomi was so sweet, and showed me what to look for when I purchase my next diamond piece. He didn’t have to but he, offered me the best price possible for my piece which meant so much. Definitely consider going to TruVal for an honest valuation of a piece you might have they are truly sweet and honest people!

Ross P
a year ago

WOW - what an experience! From the moment that I made my appointment, I felt like I was working with family. Sarah was on top of it and provided all the information I needed. Also, when I needed to reschedule my appointment last minute, Sarah called me immediately and we found another time that worked next day. When I got to the offices, I was taken aback by how friendly everyone was. Sarah was there to greet me by name! I met with Shlomi to discuss selling my ring. He was very friendly and informative with the process and gave me an amount I was felt happy about. Shlomi is DEFINTIELY the guy to go to when you're talking jewelry. Next time I am in the market to buy or sell, I will be going back to him. You can't go wrong with Truval so walk past everyone else trying to hustle you and go straight to them! They provide a 100/10 experience. Also extra points to Sarah for SPRINTING to the elevator to bring me my ID that I left behind.

Lily Bee
a year ago

Very thorough, comfortable process. I went in person and they spent time explaining things and made me feel secure that I was being treated fairly. I sold gold, and am planning to sell some watches. Grateful for the quick turnaround. Everyone was very nice, but Sarah is especially great! I was nervous and she was very patient and kind. Added after second visit - I had mentioned that I may have some watches that I inherited that I might want to sell. Went back with the watches and once again, everyone was really wonderful. I was feeling stressed and emotional, but they were kind and explained everything clearly and even gently suggested that I keep one of the watches which I am grateful for because I'm the moment, you aren't necessarily thinking clearly but I would've been devastated later to have let that one go, as it had a lot of emotional attachments. They sit and talk with you and really help you make the right decisions for your situation.

Susan Tribbitt
a year ago

What very nice people. Accommodated me even without an appt.For what I brought, which I knew was scrap, and very little, they very efficiently offered what seemed very generous, so much so that I couldn’t and didn’t want to question whether the price was fair. I have already recommended them to friends.

Jeanne Sachkowsky
a year ago

Some things are worth writing a review for. This review is worth reading if you are looking to sell your diamond. It is no easy task to sell your diamond if you are like me you know what you paid for it and you know you will not get that back. You may have an idea of what you can sell it for or you may not therefore I’m writing this review. After visiting three different jewelers and getting three different offers one low baller and two in the middle of the road offers I decided to make an appointment with TruVal based on their review rating 4.9 stars online. I was unable to find any other company that had such a high review so I crossed my fingers an made an appointment with Sarah who is a lovely women, kind, personable and professional. From the moment I made the appointment she was extremely helpful. I received a phone call from her to confirm my appointment followed up by text messages confirming my appointment details and she told me to call her if I had any issues or needed any assistance finding the office. As I walked through the diamond district there were many store fronts with business workers outside attempting to lure you in to their store to sell your jewelry then I got to the front doors of TruVal the setting was much more relaxed. There was a security guard and the entrance and TruVal it is not a store front it is a office in a building a much more personal experience then I expected. I met with Shlomi who was extremely professional, very personable, and offered me the best price. I highly recommend TruVal. Both Sarah and Shlomi made it a great experience. I plan on going back to make my next purchase. It was worth the trip!

Kori Estrada
a year ago

I had a fantastic experience with TruVal. I’ve bought a lot of jewelry from high-end places like Cartier, Tiffany’s, etc. and this was a much better jewelry experience. I shopped around to various diamond buyers/sellers in NYC and beyond, and they were absolutely the best experience. Shlomi and Sarah are both very honest, informative, and pleasant to deal with. Look no more than coming to TruVal. Don’t waste your time with any other jewelry dealers. You will not be disappointed.

Peter von Bleichert
a year ago

Just a wonderful experience from beginning to end. I have worked with TruVal before, so I knew where I was going back to. They did not disappoint this second time, making me feel welcome, and cared for. All of their procedures are transparent and secure. Shlomi and Eli answered my questions, and I even learned a few things. Sarah (don’t forget the ‘h’) was charming and a pleasure to work with. My highest recommendation if you want top dollar and a great experience. Thank you, TruVal USA!

Noah McGinley
a year ago

Came in after stopping at numerous locations, where vendors were only offering the value of the gold in a ring my mother owned. The ring had diamonds, and Shlomi made sure to offer true value. Sarah was also extremely welcoming, and streamlined the whole process. Made my life simple. Highly recommended. I know it's hard to see so many amazing reviews, but in this case it's actually true.

Phyllis Lindy
a year ago

From start to finish, TruVal was a great experience! I was treated with respect, warmth and professionalism from the receptionist to the appraisers, all through the estimate and discussion of my jewelry. I was also very pleased with the fair price. I highly recommend TruVal!

a year ago

I have no idea if I got the best price that I would have gotten if I shopped around, but I will say that it felt fair, everybody was very pleasant, and it didn’t feel like your typical jewelry haggling experience. Once I agreed with the price, I got paid extremely quickly, and it was all done very professionally and efficiently. I would go back.

Angela Fazzina
a year ago

I reached out to Truval for a quote on my rings. I received a response the following day! Sarah walked me through the entire process. I was also skeptical of mailing my rings, so I took the trip into NYC from LI. Sarah has excellent communication skills and follow through. She might be the real "gem" here! Shlomi was my gemologist. He was very inviting, put me at ease and I felt completely comfortable. He was transparent and genuinely spoke with me about the value of my rings. Needless to say, I would highly recommend Truval!

Lauren Goodnow
a year ago

Fast & transparent.

a year ago

Shlomi is a good guy and give a nice price

Becca Rawson
a year ago

What an amazing experience! Not not did I get the best prices for my pieces, but the team was a joy to work with. Sarah was helpful and friendly. Schlomi walked me through his process and was kind and fair. He even helped me find another buyer for a bracelet/earring set, so I could get the best deal. 10/10 recommend and will be back!

Eden Bellow
a year ago

Shlomo was very accommodating and transparent. The offered us a great quote for the gold and diamonds. The service was attentive. He sized a ring for me without charging me and offered to design my engagement ring.

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