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The more you know about us, the more you’ll know we’re the ideal way to sell your jewelry and other valuables.

You’ll receive the true value your diamond jewelry, other valuable jewelry, or watch is worth

There are many reasons you can sell you diamond, diamond jewelry, or other valuables to us with confidence. Many of the reasons apply to fashion jewelry, watches, coins and bullion.

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Direct sales

You can sell diamonds, jewelry or other valuable directly to us. If you make an appointment at our store, you can walk in with your item or items and walk out with instant cash. If you ship it to us, we’ll pay you promptly by check or wire.

Consignment services

You can place the diamond jewelry, designer jewelry, or watch with us on a consignment basis. The advantage of doing so is that it allows us to market it to our global network of diamond and jewelry buyers to sell it for even more money.

Why truval

Improvement and recertification of your diamond to offer you more

When our experts evaluate your diamond jewelry, they also identify the potential to improve the diamond in ways that will allow us to recertify it at a higher value. So we can pay you more for it.

They can increase its value in a variety of ways, including recutting it to improve its cut grade and improving its color, clarity, symmetry and polish.

Free diamond price quote even if you don’t have papers

If you are selling a diamond ring or other diamond jewelry but don’t have diamond report or appraisal, our gemologists can accurately determine its characteristics and determine its current market value at no charge.

We buy and sell diamonds every day

Our staff of certified diamond experts grade and cut diamonds every day. Since we buy and sell diamonds every day, too, we understand the current wholesale and retail environment.

These advantages are important, no matter how you choose to work with us

Whether you’re looking for a direct sale for immediate cash or to place the diamond jewelry or other valuable on consignment with us, our experts have the ability to increase the value of the diamond, efficient yet convenient ways of working with you, and our worldwide network of buyers allows us to offer you more, simply because we can sell it for more.

Most jewelry buyers typically don’t employ staff gemologists, certified diamond buyers and watch experts. The person evaluating your jewelry might be a low-level clerk, who will simply throw your piece on a scale and calculate a hefty discount.

Compare our worldwide relationships with a local diamond buyer who only sells to a limited group of contacts and must accept the offer made by the highest bidder.

We have the financial resources to pay the highest price

Selling your diamond, jewelry and watches to us or on consignment

Once we know we’ve optimized the value of your items, we make you the strongest offer the market can bear. If selling via consignment we make it available to our worldwide network of thousands of dealers, brokers, and stores and online marketplaces which we’ve built up over the decades. 

Since we’ve established such strong global sales channels, we know we can sell it for more than most dealers. So we can offer you more.

Other so-called auction houses & online marketplaces promise higher payouts by offering your items to a large collection of jewelry buyers. The problem is such jewelry buyers only purchase valuables that are well below wholesale prices and then you get hit with a 25-55% selling fee – if it sells. Ouch!

Even more reasons to sell or consign with us


How much we pay

Before you sell, our expert evaluations are designed to determine the true value and potential of your diamond or other valuable in the international marketplace – and pay you accordingly.

Let us take a deeper look into your item and see if we can help you uncover the hidden potential of it. For example, we might recut your diamond and certify it at a higher value.

Compare our Truval approach to the usual online jewelry buyers, who are happy simply to “weigh and pay” for the gold in the item at the current price of precious metals and pay for the diamond as is. They do it either because they don’t have the expertise to do what we do or because they’re just too busy to care. But what you’ll be paid is the minimum your items are worth.

Let's discover the true value

We’ll evaluate your diamond jewelry or other items to determine the true value of your diamonds, designer jewelry, or other valuables, you need an expert price quote from a buyer who understands its true market potential.

The dedication of our entire staff to putting customer service first has allowed us to help over 250,000 people sell diamonds and gold jewelry for over $22 million. This remarkable tradition of customer service is how Truval has become one of the largest offline and online diamond and jewelry buyers in the world.

Lets discover what your diamonds and jewelry are worth, simply request a free quote to get started. Remember, there is no obligation or cost to you.

The basic jewelry and diamond buyer will assess only...

The current day's price of your precious metal

The weight of the metal

The metal's purity

The diamond or other gems

Truval's diamond and jewelry experts will also assess:

Eye Appeal

The Diamond & Gemstones within each piece

Ability to recut or repair any gems or settings for added value

Current Market Trends

Designer Markings

Our free professional evaluation process

Our buyers include GIA Diamond gemologists, watch experts and brand authenticators. We excel at identifying, evaluating and purchasing diamond jewelry and designer jewelry, including antique jewelry.

Our expert evaluations are made by a staff specialist for each item. We make a careful assessment of any diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals your jewelry contains, along with the era, collectability, and eye appeal.

We welcome the opportunity to do the research necessary to find the hidden value in your jewelry. In fact, it’s the foundation of our customer-centric approach.

Then we turn to our many options on the sell side, including our global buying partners, auctions, private collectors and international secondary markets to determine the true value of your jewelry, so we can make you an intelligent and compelling offer.

Our entire evaluation process is free and, as long as your item is real, we buy every piece!
If the value of your item is in the precious metal it’s made of, our in-house refining department can eliminate the middleman to pay you the highest possible price.

Our free professional price quotes, instant payments, and flexible, risk-free ways for you to work with us – in person, by mail, or online – and instant payments – have made Truval the most complete and highest-paying jewelry buyer in the world.

Our Price Match Guarantee ensures you'll always get the highest price the market allows.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Featuring free no-obligation price quotes, free shipping, prompt cash payments, and free returns if you decide not to accept our offer.

The diamond experts you can trust to pay the true value you deserve

No matter how you choose to sell to us, you can do so with confidence. 

You’ll always be dealing with the professional staff at our NYC location, comprised of our Certified Gemological Institute of America Graduate Diamond Gemologists and our expert staff of diamond buyers, who include GIA Alumni and second-generation jewelers with over 150 years of combined experience buying and selling diamonds. 

As a result, you can rest assured that your diamond jewelry or other valuable will be evaluated by a true professional who is guided by our 5-star tradition of customer service. So you can be confident that you’re receiving true value.

How to Sell Your Valuables to Us

We offer you convenient ways to sell your jewelry, watches and other valuables in New York and nationwide

Sell Online

If you do not live in the New York area, we offer a variety of ways to sell to us, including virtual appointments or the convenience of free insured shipping. The shipment will be fully insured, so you can send your valuables to us with confidence. 

Step #1
Get a Preliminary Direct or Consignment Offer
Tell us about your valuables using this simple form or a scheduled virtual call. When you do, you’ll have the opportunity to upload documents and photos. When we receive your information, we’ll provide a preliminary quote that’s within a range of the likely value of your item.
Step #1
Step #2
Get a final offer
After you receive a preliminary offer you accept, we’ll provide a free shipping label for you to send us the item for final valuation. Your article will be completely insured for free, too.
When we receive it, our certified gemologists and other experts will assess its value by evaluating the gem or gems, brand, design, and precious metal content.
Step #2
Step #3
Payment Options
If you’re selling to us directly, we’ll make a final offer. If you accept our offer, you’ll receive instant cash by Zelle, PayPal, wire, or we can mail you a check. If you decline our offer, we’ll return your valuable to you via prompt, insured free shipping.

If you’re selling with us on consignment, we’ll examine your item and provide a price range that we believe we can sell it for. If you decide to consign it with us, we’ll write up an agreement with you and list the valuable. Once your items sell, you’ll receive instant cash by Zelle, PayPal, wire, or we can mail you a check.
Step #3
So Relax...
You’ll soon discover that we really do want to pay you the true value of your diamond, designer jewelry, luxury watch, or your other valuable in our global marketplace of jewelry shoppers to get the highest price for it.
So Relax...

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