Where to Sell Diamonds NYC

Deciding on where to sell diamonds requires important considerations: you need a buyer who provides competitive value for your diamonds, convenience, transparency, and immediate payment.

If you’re looking to sell a diamond ring, where to sell a diamond necklace, how to sell your engagement ring in NYC or any other type of diamond you believe is of value, TRUVAL has you covered.

We provide free appraisals and immediate payment for diamonds, along with discretion, transparency, and value. Furthermore, we offer the utmost professional service and expertise to help you sell diamonds in NYC.

Sell Diamonds in NYC

The majority of diamond dealers focus heavily on overhead and therefore aren’t concerned with maintaining lifelong customers.

At TRUVAL, our goal is to educate you in the most reliable and beneficial way on how to sell diamonds, while providing you with instant payment. Our customers come first, which means we go further than the average dealer to ensure the process is not only a profitable experience, but comfortable as well.

Our free appraisals, confident and approachable staff of experts, and immediate cash for diamonds give you — our valued client — an easy choice on where to sell diamonds in NYC.

For these reasons, our customers return to TRUVAL as their trusted diamond buyer.

We look forward to also serving you on your journey to gaining cash for diamonds!

Sell Diamonds in NYC with Confidence

At TRUVAL, we focus on professionalism, value and customer satisfaction.

Sell Diamonds in NYC

When deciding on how to sell diamonds for cash, we know our customers are looking for these qualities. Specifically, individuals looking to sell diamonds in NYC are focused on finding dealers who offer transparency, trust, and expertise in leading market practices.

As the best New York diamond buyer (read our reviews here), we meet and exceed your expectations in three ways:

1. Free and Professional Appraisal Service

When you choose TRUVAL, you’re opting for comfortability

We know it can be stressful choosing the right dealer to sell diamonds in NYC, which is why we’ve made it our mission to provide a highly professional and comfortable environment. This helps the process become an enjoyable experience.

To accompany our exceptional service, we’ve provided a comfortable showroom with a private one-on-one appraisal service. Not only is this service free, but you will be matched with a highly qualified professional who will lead you to the highest prices available on the market.

2. Easy & Valued Step-by-Step Process

At TRUVAL, we’ve combined convenience with professionalism to create the perfect balance for a New York diamond buyer.

Most customers are confronted with the loaded question of how to sell diamonds in NYC. When working with valuables in the preowned diamond market, this question can be daunting.

Our experts at TRUVAL have designed an easy to follow 4-step process that allows you to book a valuable session with one of our diamond experts. During this comfortable one-on-one experience, you will learn everything you need to know about the diamond market so that when you sell, you sell with confidence.

Our easy and valued process ensures you walk away happily with cash in hand and a better understanding of the diamond-selling process.

3. Team of Experts

Premium quality jewels deserve to be handled with a level of service and knowledge of equally high standards.

To meet the level of professionalism and trust our customers deserve, we have built a team of certified diamond experts. These professionals are available to assist you while you confidently sell your diamond for cash:

TRUE Diamond Gemologists – These experts have been certified by the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A)

Our staff has 100+ years of experience in the field of purchasing and selling diamonds. With this level of expertise, we can provide you with answers to any of your questions and are able to evaluate the market for the best possible prices.

TRUVAL is BBB accredited, ensuring the highest possible quality of professionalism and knowledge. We strategically evaluate your diamond beyond the Four Cs approach, therefore supplying consistently accurate results.

What are the 4 Cs?

The 4 Cs is a standard evaluation for grading the cut and quality of your diamond.

Sell Diamonds in NYC

At TRUVAL, we make this our foundation to ensure you receive the most accurate quote.

As one of our missions is to offer education on the business, as well as excellent service and prices, we’ve broken down the 4 Cs for your personal gain:

1. Color

The colors of diamonds range from yellow to colorless. To the unskilled eye, most diamonds seem to be colorless. However, the majority of diamonds include traces of brown or yellow. The most valuable diamonds are closer to colorless.

2. Clarity

The most brilliant diamonds are the clearest. Most diamonds hold inclusions which are small “birthmarks.” The fewer and smaller inclusions there are in a diamond, the more light is able to pass through, making the stone more valuable.

3. Carat Weight

The weight of a diamond measured in carats is beneficial in determining the value of the stone.

When the diamond is weighed, its mass in carats is converted into points.

For instance:

1 carat = 100 points

50 carats = 50 points

The more points your diamond accrues, the more likely your diamond will be sold at a higher price.

4. Cut

The beauty of a diamond heavily depends on the quality of cut. This is because the craftsman’s diamond-cutting form and precision directly impacts how light reflects through the diamond. The skill of a diamond cutter determines the ultimate brilliance of a diamond and its qualities.

Where to sell diamonds in New York City?

When it comes time to sell diamonds in NYC, TRUVAL welcomes you to our main office, which is located in Manhattan, near Rockefeller Center in the Diamond District.

Step into our fine establishment and enjoy being greeted by the most highly qualified professionals in the business. We’ll be more than happy to assist you with all the information you need on how to sell diamonds and receive the highest value available.

We promise to make this process extremely enjoyable and as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to provide you with quality service and in-depth information; so you can rest assured we will never pressure you to sell.

Instead, we will provide you with clear information on the market and offer the most profitable options for your situation.

The process begins in the most convenient way possible: in the comfort of your own home.

Follow our 4 Step Process to sell diamonds in NYC and discover why TRUVAL is the most qualified, professional and valuable diamond buyer you can find in New York.

Start now and get a quote today!

Sell Diamonds in NYC

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We are here to make customers, not transactions and we do that by being informative and educating the customer about their jewelry. I take pride in treating each item with respect and It really puts a smile on my face when a customer is delighted to learn the true value of their fine jewelry.


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  • Debrah M's photo

    I had the pleasure of selling with TRUVAL recently. I was impressed with the level of professionalism I received from Mr. Shlomi Shlomo. From beginning to end the level of communication was terrific and could not be more important given my concern of dealing with an internet based New York diamond buyer over 3000 miles away!

    I completed the entire jewelry selling process in less than 72 hours. The price I received was more than the several local jewelry stores offered. I accepted the offer, and they wired the money to me on the same day. They made the process of selling my diamond jewelry stress-free.

    __ Debrah M, from LA. - Sold via mail to New York's Diamond District
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  • Sheila Cohen's photo

    Let's begin with the fact the TRUVAL is not on street level of 47th but instead is on the upper floor of an office building with a waiting room, private buying offices and, actual appointments which made it feel like a professional establishment.

    The fellow that assisted me (Shlomi) was friendly and not pushy. He appraised my jewelry items, including items that I accidentally added to the items I intended to sell which I felt had no value. I am happy I did because Shlomi discovered that some of them were gold :)

    He explained the details of their appraisal process and how they come up with the value. He also appraised a few diamond jewelry pieces for me that I wanted to value but not sell. The staff at TRUVAL is transparent and informative. I am happy to recommend TRUVAL to anyone.

    __ Sheila Cohen, - Sold in New York's Diamond District
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