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If you want to sell jewelry in NYC, especially for cash, you’ll want to know where you can get the absolute best price for your valuables. You should also make sure you’re getting high quality service from experienced professionals.

So you have some jewelry you want to sell, and you’re thinking, “How do I find the best jewelry buyers near me?” You want to make sure you’re getting competitive prices for your precious gems and designer jewelry.

Whether you have golddiamondswatches, or other types of fine jewelry, TRUVAL can help.

Our esteemed jewelry buyers are trained to give you a fair price that is higher than our competitors. We can do this because of our trusted relationships with jewelry buyers, auction houses, collectors, and retailers worldwide. We also keep up with the latest in jewelry trends and the resale markets.

Want to know the best way to sell jewelry? Try TRUVAL

Sell Fine Jewelry and Diamonds in New York

You can sell jewelry for cash in Manhattan’s Diamond District, but don’t settle for the first shop you come across. Trust us. There are better options.

Before our clients found us, they came to us with the same problems, such as saying, “I don’t know of any trustworthy diamond stores near me” or “I’m having trouble getting an honest valuation with the brokers I know.”

TRUVAL has built a strong reputation for giving our customers the best diamond valuations.

Let’s say you need to sell an engagement ring. Since we care about every customer, we won’t take advantage of the likelihood that your engagement ended. We’ll treat you and your diamond with the utmost care.

Sell Jewelry for Cash Near Me

We love getting to know our jewelry customers in person. But even if you live in the greater New York area, you may want to take advantage of our shipping service to avoid the hassle of traveling to Manhattan.

We offer payment for your fine jewelry in cash at our location or by check and wire transfer.

What Types of Fine Jewelry Can I Sell?

TRUVAL can assess all sorts of jewelry and precious gems, including necklaces, rings, earrings, watches, brooches, pins, and other types of jeweled decorative items.

We can also evaluate engagement rings, wedding rings, and other special-occasion rings. Whether the jewelry is gold or platinum or has a precious gem set in it, we can assess and buy it.

Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires have value in themselves and can be resold even if the setting is not in the best condition.

You may want to consider having your precious gems certified to get more value from them. We can do the certification for you. So feel free to contact us about it or any other questions you may have.

Should I Clean or Reset My Fine Jewelry Before Getting It evaluated?

Sometimes having a precious gem put in a better setting can help with the resale value, especially if the original setting is damaged. The main reason to have it reset is for insurance purposes. Otherwise, it is not necessary.

With vintage jewelry pieces, especially those that are quite old and fragile, you may reduce the value by cleaning, resetting, or removing the tarnish. It can be tempting to scrub older, tarnished items, but please do not do so until you talk to us.

Once again, you can contact us if you have questions about whether you should clean your fine jewelry before bringing it in to sell.

Our Easy and Confidential Jewelry valution Process in NYC

Unlike some other jewelry brokers, we don’t hassle or pressure you during the valuation process. You can come to our Manhattan store, where you will be invited to our private, secure showroom.

We truly care about our customers and are not here to take advantage of you. We understand that selling jewelry can be emotional, for example, if you’re parting with a wedding ring after a divorce or selling a family heirloom to pay your mortgage.

We treat our customers like family, and our reward is knowing that we helped you with a fair price for your valuable gems and other jewelry.

TRUVAL - The Best Place to Sell Jewelry

Truval is located at 37 W 47th St., 6th Floor, #600, New York NY 10036. Just a few blocks from Radio City Music Hall.
Contact us at 212-938-1002

Remember, we can provide convenient valuations and no obligation offers in our Manhattan-based storefront or long-distance via FedEx. Contact us today for more information.

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We are here to serve our customers, not just to make transactions, so we serve our customers by being informative and educating them about their jewelry. I take pride in treating every customer and item with respect, and, when every time our customers are delighted to learn the true value of their jewelry, it really puts a smile on my face.