When you sell your diamond jewelry, you want to be paid true value for it.
You can be confident you’ll receive it at Truval.

We’ve earned 5-star reviews from thousands of satisfied customers

It’s simply a superior rating in the industry. It’s the result of our dedication to customer service. We actually want you to be paid the highest price the market can bear. 

We’ve also earned an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau.

We give you a choice of how you’d like to work with us

Direct sales

We can purchase the diamond jewelry or other valuable directly from you. If you make an appointment at our store, you can walk in with your item or items and walk out with instant cash. If you ship it to us, we’ll pay you promptly by check, PayPal or wire.

Consignment Services

You can place the diamond jewelry with us on a consignment basis. The advantage of doing so is that it allows us to market it to our global network of jewelry buyers to get the best price for you. Service charges apply to cover our marketing expenses, which we keep as low as we possibly can. We’ll be happy to discuss them with you.

Our free and friendly valuation process is risk-free

Our New York City location is a friendly environment that offers private valuations from a highly professional staff of Certified GIA Graduate Diamond Gemologists. We evaluate your jewelry for the diamond or diamonds in it and for the precious metal in which its mounted.

Our expert staff of diamond buyers includes GIA alumni and second-generation jewelers with over 150 years of combined experience buying and selling diamonds. So you can be confident that you’ll get an offer that is based on the true value of your diamond jewelry in the Global Diamond Market. 

If we see a way to increase its value, such as recutting it and certifying it at a higher value, we’ll suggest the option. If you accept our offer, you can walk out with instant cash. If you ship your item to us by insured FedEx, we’ll mail you a check or wire your payment within 24 hours. 

If you decide not to sell to us, simply walk out with your diamond jewelry or request that we ship it back to you. You have no obligation to sell it to us.

The diamond jewelry we purchase

We offer you a trusted way to sell diamond and designer jewelry from your personally owned jewelry to estate, vintage, and antique jewelry.  It can be jewelry with a famous brand name or unbranded jewelry. What matters is its inherent value.

Sell your diamond jewelry to from anywhere

We offer you the convenience of selling it to us in our store for instant cash, shipping it to us by insured FedEx or UPS for payment within 24 hours by check or wire or selling it to us online.

Why we can pay you more

We can not only determine if there’s a way to make your diamond jewelry more valuable. We sell it in the Global Market, where we can get more for it. It’s a vast marketplace that includes our long-established network of diamond buyers, including stores, private collectors, auctions, and  international secondary markets.

Recently Bought

As you can see, we buy a wide variety of diamond jewelry at a price that always reflects its true value.

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How to Sell Your Diamond Jewelry to Us

We offer you convenient ways to sell your jewelry in New York and nationwide
Sell Online

If you do not live in the New York area, we offer a variety of ways to sell including virtual appointments or the convenience of free insured shipping. The shipment will be fully insured, so you can send your valuables to us with confidence. 

Step #1
Get a Preliminary Direct or Consignment Offer
Tell us about your diamond jewelry using this simple form or a scheduled virtual call. When you do, you’ll have the opportunity to upload documents and photos. When we receive your information, we’ll provide a preliminary quote that’s within a range of the likely value of your item.
Step #1
Step #2
Get a final offer
After you receive a preliminary offer you accept, we’ll provide a free shipping label for you to send us the item for final evaluation. Your article will be completely insured for free, too.
When we receive it, our certified gemologists and other experts will evaluate the gem or gems, brand, design, and precious metal content to assess its value.
Step #2
Step #3
Payment Options
If you're selling to us directly, we’ll make a final offer. If you accept our offer, you’ll receive instant cash by Zelle, PayPal, wire, or we can mail you a check. If you decline it, we’ll return your valuable to you via prompt, insured free shipping.

If you’re selling with us by consignment, we’ll examine your item and provide a price range that we believe we can sell it for. If you decide to consign it with us, we’ll write up an agreement with you and list the valuable. Once your items sell, you’ll receive instant cash by Zelle, PayPal, wire, or we can mail you a check.
Step #3
So Relax...
You’ll soon discover that we really do want to pay you the true value of your diamond, designer jewelry, luxury watch, or your valuable in our global marketplace of jewelry shoppers to get the highest price for it.
So Relax...

The diamond experts you can trust to pay the true value you deserve

No matter how you choose to sell to us, you can do so with confidence. 

You’ll always be dealing with the professional staff at our NYC location, comprised of our Certified Gemological Institute of America Graduate Diamond Gemologists and our expert staff of diamond buyers, who include GIA Alumni and second-generation jewelers with over 150 years of combined experience buying and selling diamonds. 

As a result, you can rest assured that your diamond jewelry or other valuable will be evaluated by a true professional who is guided by our 5-star tradition of customer service. So you can be confident that you’re receiving true value.

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